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03. July 2019, 00:25:29 by Wɐɾǝsʇᴉɔ a.k.a Ѵersace
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Hey everyone, so as Ludi and I have taken up acting ownership we have a lot in mind for DDC. We can assure you we didn't take up acting ownership for nothing and we plan to make some changes. As DDC is kind of one big mess right now we're reworking and remaking a bunch of stuff. Here is a tl;dr to some of the changes we have planned:
1- Update ACL/CMD list
2- Admins cleanup
3- Remove and change inactive leaders
4- Change the inactive inquisition
5- Events and Dailies
6- Change the "Global admin" system
7- Map testing
8- Separate Cross Server
9- Info about polls
10- Members with new positions

To go into further detail here's an explanation/what's changing in said topics:
1- Commands list
The server's ACL and commands list has been updated, find the new list of commands here

2- Admins cleanup
Due to a large number of admins having global high levels on the server we're wiping the global admin list. (This also gets rid of inactive admins)
Concerning arena admins, arena leaders, Ludi, and myself will be on the lookout for inactive admins and be removing them. (Yes you can still raise your activity, we will be starting to check activity from now) Ex- admins can re-request for admins levels and we urge the leaders to keep in mind that said player was an ex admin.
(see more about Global admin system in #6)

3- Remove and change inactive leaders
We're taking a deep dive into leaders' attendance and removing the inactive leaders which brings me to the next point, we're actively looking for new and active leaders.
We're currently looking for:
1 Night leader (Replaces Ludi)
1 Lemon leader (Replaces Johnny)
1 Shooter leader (Replaces NM)
1 Cross leader
1 Pink leader (Replaces Pato)

We will be searching for these players and if you think you're right for the job PM me or Ludi.
We also decided that Red should only have 1 leader. Also, Linez and Freeroam having leaders is useless since the servers a bit obsolete, so we're removing their leaders.
Note: Server leaders are now level 9 and are according to the updated "Admin Commands"

4- Change the inactive inquisition
As we don't see anyone who's active and capable enough of doing the job, Ludi and I will be taking up abuse reports for now.

5- Events and Dailies
Taurus, Jathushan, Michael, Ludi and Banshee will be holding events from now on with the help of any referees they choose (Level R has now been created and fit to manage events check cmds in "Admin Commands"). Right now, we're not planning to restart Lemon daily, we will be finishing TNT and Red daily before looking into further events although we do have a few ideas in mind (other than dailies) so stay tuned, and maybe even restart xDD (if players request or want that).

6- Change the "Global Admin" system
I don't really see why someone level 6-7 on one Arena (Which means the arena's leader trusts him) should be level 6-7 on all other arenas (maybe other leaders don't want him), so while I'm not against it, it needs a change. From now on the admins level 6+ on any arena will only get level 4 on all other arenas. Note that Global levels 5+ are not request-able but given by Owners as they see fit.
There is also now a Global Admins list and they will no longer be added into individual arena admin lists. You can see the list below Useful Links "Global Admins"

7- Map testing
We're also looking for maptesters to decide which map goes where, pick out bad maps and report maps on arenas which they shouldn't be on etc.
We also made a new topic for Maptesting which explains how and where to submit maps and keeps you informed as to which maps are accepted/denied, you can find it under "Useful Links". Taurus will be keeping it up to date.
PM me or Ludi if you think you can do it.

8- Separate Cross Server
After a lot of digging, and with the help of BloodStason, we were able to recover old Cross files once again and we'll be re-opening the separate Old Cross server with no plans to shut it down again.
Air and I will be taking up leadership of it.
Due to complications, the server's launch has been delayed (Was supposed to launch with this announcement), more info will be posted soon

9- Info about polls
Not much to say yet, but we are looking into restarting polls and are looking for a poll manager, PM me or @Ludi if you think you can do it.

10- Members with new positions
This is simply to inform of the people who got positions with these changes.
Majestic, Ludi - Acting owners, Abuse mods
Ludi - Daily Manager
Taurus- Maptester, Designer, Daily manager, Lemon leader
Air, Michael - Developers
NoHear - Modeler
Majestic, Air - Old Cross leaders

- Removed Herobrine
18. June 2019, 20:58:37 by Stieg
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Hey, everyone. I wanted to inform you about a huge change. In Quick Announcement #3: Future of DDC? from October I mentioned that in 1-2 years I wanted to find a replacement for me. I think that time has come now already. In the last year or so I did pretty much nothing for the community and I don't see myself doing much in the future either. This is simply because MTA and DDC doesn't interest me as much as it did in the past anymore and the "little" free time I have left I rather spend doing other things. For me DDC is more a burden than fun. That's why I became so inactive. It should be different but it's just the way it is.

Without active leadership DDC goes nowhere and that means leadership needs a change. As far as I am concerned there are only two people willing and able to do the job (together), Ludi and Majestic. So this is the plan: They will take the position of "Acting Owners". They will have access to everything and they will be allowed to do anything which they think is in the best interest of DDC. Taking this step could be a risk but it is much much better than having inactive Owners in my opinion. They are going to do this together because I don't think it should be done by a single person.

As long as there are no huge objections against this, the plan will be carried out.
KITT and I will still be paying for the server and forum.

Note from KITT

Don't worry I'm still active on forum but semi on the server from time to time, so any forum or server related will go to ludi or Maj. I will still handle the karmas so don't worry about that.

I will keep an eye on those 2.  :kappa:
21. April 2019, 21:51:26 by HalfScoper
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The most of you should have noticed that DDC now has a new mode to play besides race on its server, and it is called Battle Royale. Players, who are already familiar with formats like PUBG or Apex Legends, will find a big similarity in our version of this game mode, but GTA styled.

But what is Battle Royale anyway? As I said before, in these times, the most of you should be familiar with this concept, if not, here's a short explanation of how a match goes off:

- After the short warm-up phase, players will be teleported into a flying airplane, with the ability to press F at any time to drop off the airplane and fall down towards earth.

- But of course you won't just splash on the ground and die, after you have dropped off, use the left mouse button (or whatever you assigned to shoot/activate nos) to open a parachute and to glide down safely.
- While being mid-air, you should already watch out for blue markers, as they represent the spot where ammunition is located.

- As soon as you landed, the first step is to find these blue markers and collect as many weapons as you can and of course find a vehicle to drive you around.

- But be careful where you are going, because a) your car has a limited amount of fuel, which is represented in the bottom left corner at the minimap besides your health, and b) there is a huge red dome, that encloses every so called round.

- Every round has a limited amount of time set, after which the red dome gets smaller and smaller, and if it happens that you are outside of this dome, you start to lose health constantly as long as you are outside.

The goal of the whole thing is obviously to stay alive as last person, which isn't so easy with other players having the same goal and the dome and time playing against you.
One last important thing is that if you only played race before, and never the single player campaign on your computer (like I did rip) or on RPG servers, then it's highly advised that you should check your controls before attempting to play a round.

You will find the arenas on the very top of the lobby, even though currently only one is opened due to the simple reason, that this whole idea has been realized just before a few days, and the mode is currently in alpha testing, so expect some bugs but be welcome to actively test it with us, so we can improve it with your feedback!

Last but not least, here are some screenshots, so you have an idea what I talk about:

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)

EDIT: All three arenas have now been opened, enjoy!
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