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28. February 2018, 22:50:55 by Stieg
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It's been a while since last news. I'll keep these short:
With the help of Cat Master a.k.a. Ledge a.k.a. garry a.k.a. Homo I've been able to set up a test forum. It's best if you check it out yourself:
Use your usual login data

We realize there are some problems, like UGs or awards not showing and some minor stuff we personally don't like about this skin. Yet we think it's time for a change, time for a more modern style.

Test it (with your mobile as well!), tell us what you think and we'd appreciate it if you could tell us about any problems you encounter while testing.

Have fun! :)
31. December 2017, 20:30:18 by V::NoHear
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Well, guys, here it is! Through quite brilliant scripting and handling in Excel (thanks @Ledge), we finally have the results for 2017 Players' Choice Awards in our hands. We received a total amount of 58 players who voted, beating last year's count by whopping 22 players. You rock, guys!

The intention of organizing Players' Choice Awards is to give merit to players who truly deserve it. For this we have put up a few categories with a pragmatic description to it. Players would then choose up to three players who best suit each category. This has since become an annual tradition in our community, and it has even led to some quite interesting drama shows, as we say here on DDC. So at this point I just want to thank everyone for your continuous support!

Having said that, I will now proceed to announce the winners. Beneath is the list of categories you had the opportunity to vote in.
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So here are the results...

Category     1st place     2nd place     3rd place
Mr.Pro Monster Avenger Winta
Mr.Sunshine OnlyTime NoHear NoMercy
Mr.Clever Cat.Master NoHear Bonsai, Stieg
Mr.Admin Ludi NoHear NoMercy
Mr(s).Good Looking NoHear Angel Stieg
Mr.Keeping You Alive NoHear Stieg Ludi
Mr.Annoying xLion Ice_eyes Niggaa
Mr.Funny Man Fox.Master Bonsai Bronx
Mr.Change G Wesley OnlyTime Kurwa
Mr.Change B Bonsai CzB Johnny
Mr.Missed Tiger Tails NexoN
Mr.Awesome NoHear Fox.Master Monster


The following awards will be given to the top-3 players of each category.

Every winner (first place) of each category except for Mr.Annoying and Mr.Change B will receive the following award until the next PCA (2018).

We decided to make new awards for this year to make them more refreshing and flagrant.

(click to show/hide)

Thank you for your kind attention and congratulations to the winners!


Since we've beaten last year's record by a significant amount, I decided to spice things up and add three new categories with only one winner. Quite surprisingly it happened to be Ludi winning every single one of them... Congratulations, Ludi!

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Information about last year's PCA (2016)

Since PCA 2016 had somewhat unusual results, I decided to recount the votes and see if there was any wangled information. And to my discovery, some points were totally false, some places were switched, but most importantly we found out that there had been some funny business involved. The recount was done using the same fancy Excel script we used this year. We found out that the creator had benefited himself by voting as the last person (after locking the topic and such). Therefore we will suspend his Mr.Annoying and Mr.Change B votes, so the new result for those two categories is as following. (a taste of your own medicine)

Category     1st place     2nd place     3rd place
Mr.Annoying CzB xLion Sammy
Mr.Change B Bonsai CzB xLion

Please note that the awards have already been set to their new, respective owners.

- NoHear     
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