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21. April 2019, 21:51:26 by HalfScoper
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The most of you should have noticed that DDC now has a new mode to play besides race on its server, and it is called Battle Royale. Players, who are already familiar with formats like PUBG or Apex Legends, will find a big similarity in our version of this game mode, but GTA styled.

But what is Battle Royale anyway? As I said before, in these times, the most of you should be familiar with this concept, if not, here's a short explanation of how a match goes off:

- After the short warm-up phase, players will be teleported into a flying airplane, with the ability to press F at any time to drop off the airplane and fall down towards earth.

- But of course you won't just splash on the ground and die, after you have dropped off, use the left mouse button (or whatever you assigned to shoot/activate nos) to open a parachute and to glide down safely.
- While being mid-air, you should already watch out for blue markers, as they represent the spot where ammunition is located.

- As soon as you landed, the first step is to find these blue markers and collect as many weapons as you can and of course find a vehicle to drive you around.

- But be careful where you are going, because a) your car has a limited amount of fuel, which is represented in the bottom left corner at the minimap besides your health, and b) there is a huge red dome, that encloses every so called round.

- Every round has a limited amount of time set, after which the red dome gets smaller and smaller, and if it happens that you are outside of this dome, you start to lose health constantly as long as you are outside.

The goal of the whole thing is obviously to stay alive as last person, which isn't so easy with other players having the same goal and the dome and time playing against you.
One last important thing is that if you only played race before, and never the single player campaign on your computer (like I did rip) or on RPG servers, then it's highly advised that you should check your controls before attempting to play a round.

You will find the arenas on the very top of the lobby, even though currently only one is opened due to the simple reason, that this whole idea has been realized just before a few days, and the mode is currently in alpha testing, so expect some bugs but be welcome to actively test it with us, so we can improve it with your feedback!

Last but not least, here are some screenshots, so you have an idea what I talk about:

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EDIT: All three arenas have now been opened, enjoy!
22. October 2018, 20:03:33 by Stieg
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know a few things about what's going on with me and what I have in mind for the future of DDC.

Firstly, the boring stuff: Myself
Surely some of you noticed that these past few months I have been even more inactive than usually...the last time I logged in here was more or less a week ago. The reason for that is simple: I'm just busy with my life. Studying, sports, doing other things and most of all spending time with my girlfriend pretty much fills out my daily basis.

Here's a photograph of me and my girlfriend who doesn't like to be on pictures :)

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To the important stuff: DDC
For too long you've all been getting a warning that the connection to the forum isn't secure, this shouldn't happen anymore from now on. Turns out it was an easy fix, sorry that it took weeks to get rid of that.

Also I understand that everyone who plays on the server still struggles with a userpanel that isn't working. I'm really hoping Air will finally find some time to fix that soon.

I'm unsure whether Cross server will be back or not. Jah was the one who set it up and was paying for it. He either stopped paying because nobody joined anyway or the server crashed. He hasn't replied to me yet.

Now, the things I personally have in mind for the future of DDC are unfortunately not that exciting. I want to see new stuff on the server too, but for that I need a scripter I can trust.
Air actually started working on a new design for userpanel and lobby over a year ago but it's only 30% finished and I don't know when or if he's gonna finish it. However, from what I've seen it's simple yet good-looking.

If you don't like it then you'll get used to it, at least it will work. (I hope  :crycry:)
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Lastly I want to tell you that I definitely don't want to close DDC. KITT and I will keep paying for it and hopefully we can create a more enjoyable experience for the players in the future. But I also want to add that I don't like to do this forever. I'm totally not for keeping this community running till I'm over 30 years old like Tails (no offense). But I imagine that in 2-3 years, when things are better, I'll try to find someone to take over, someone who won't shut this place down.

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