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26. August 2018, 20:00:51 by Johnny
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Hello community! To make things a bit more interesting around here we thought a new tourney could be fun! So now we are announcing...

• What is it?
You probably already figured out that it's about toptimes. You don't need to register. All players can participate. Your goal is to get toptimes on certain maps. There will be maps from Lemon, Night, Red and Pink. We will choose 10 maps from each of the named arenas per 2 weeks. So there will be 40 maps per 2 weeks, where you have to get toptimes. After 1 month we will name top-5 winners which will get ingame money as reward (we realize there aren't exactly a lot of things to spend that money on right now). After a quarter (4 months) we will name top-5 winners of the quarter who will get forum awards. Also the winner (Top 1), will get a special prize.

Interested? So follow this link to get more infos and start to play!

Regards, DDC Staff!
25. May 2018, 18:02:55 by Bonsai
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With the next update you will find a few new arenas in the lobby.

Right now these are:

  • Competitive - Oldschool
  • Competitive - Shooter
  • Competitive - Cross
  • Competitive - Modern
  • Competitive - Race
  • Competitive - Classic

They look like this:

You cannot join these arenas like you would normally join an arena.

You can either register for a match, that will then find a random opponent for you.

Or you can spectate other people playing.

If you have registered for a match, you will be added to a queue.

You can cancel this by pressing the cancel button:

If a match was found for you, you will receive a notification and a message in chat.

Then you can accept the match in the lobby:

You have 30 seconds to accept the match, which will then move you to the competitive arena.

A competitive match goes as follows:

  • max. 3 rounds
  • 2 wins needed to win the match
  • draw if same amount of wins

How to win a round:

  • getting hunter ( oldschool, modern, classic )
  • be last alive ( shooter, cross )
  • race checkpoints ( race)

The match ends after a player has 2 wins, or 3 rounds have been played.

Also, it shows your competitive data in lobby:

  • Your average skill calculated for all competitive arenas. Default is 1000.
  • How many matches you have played

Later it might show more info such as wins or your overall rank on server.

For now there might be problems and bugs, but with time we can find and fix them!

28. April 2018, 17:36:33 by Stieg
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As you can see we finally moved to the new theme. At the same time we moved the forum to a new host so it should be much faster now (hopefully). We will use this theme for now but if we see a better option and the community agrees, we might move to another theme in the future.

Please tell us about any bugs you find!

Currently we (mostly Cat) are working on fixing every problem we already know about (login not working on main server / error msg when you scroll down on forum page)
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