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15. April 2022, 11:09:16 by Stieg
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I'll make this quick. We finally reached a point where we are thinking about shutting down DDC. I honestly don't even exactly know about the server activity, but mostly I'm seeing zero players, isn't that right? So, can anybody come up with good reasons to let it stay 'alive' longer? If not, everything will be shut down in a few days.
However, Majestic had the idea of keeping only the forum online, for nostalgic reasons or whatever. Any remarks? What do you guys think?

Best regards and lots of thanks to everyone,
11. December 2020, 14:52:21 by Ludi
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Hello friends.

I'm sitting here about to write something I thought I would never do, but the time has come. After a long 13 years of me in DDC community, I'm saddened to announce that I'm leaving. This means I'm giving up my ownership, all my forum and server rights, as well as DDC clan.

My years in DDC have been nothing but amazing, I grew up here, I was only 9 when I found this amazing community, I'm 22 now. I met so many amazing people, friends I chat on a daily basis and a lot of those I wish that some time in the future, I could meet in real life.

My decision might come as a surprise to some, but this is something I've been considering for quite a long time. I do strongly believe that all good things have to come to an end, and so has my time in DDC.

I'd like to thank Stieg and KITT for trusting me with a lot of stuff these past few years. In my time as an owner I gave my best shot to fulfill this duty, although some may consider it has been unsuccessful. I cannot deny the fact that I have failed to bring DDC to its heights, that it once had and I can only blame myself for that. Looking back now, there are a lot of things I would've done differently, but one cannot rewind time.

I would also like to thank no1se for trusting me with managing the most legendary clan this community has ever had, the one named after it. I love everyone in the DDC clan, they have been and will continue being people I look up to everyday.

I could write so many names I've met in here, but it would take too long. I'm sure everyone that I've interacted with in here knows that they have my full respect forever, even those who I've had different opinions with, have had banters and incidents. My intentions have never been to give someone a bad time, if someone felt that way I apologize.

That being said, I'm confident I'm leaving DDC in good hands. The people that take care of this community are all amazing, and I wish that the future of it looks bright.

DDC will always be my home in MTA, but its time to explore something new. I'm sure I will keep playing and interacting with everyone over here, as I couldn't imagine myself completely leaving DDC community, but from now on I'll be here as a regular player.  :ad:

Once again, thank you DDC for the amazing memories in the past 13 years, there are stuff and people I will not forget until the end of my life. Cheers to many more great years.  :peace:
21. July 2020, 19:19:14 by Ludi
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Recently, we have been getting a lot of reports from members of the community about the admin system stating that it is "outdated" and needs an update / rework as proven by the topic that @Er1k made. Majestic and I have been discussing the topic with the current arena leaders and have reached a decision to completely rework our admin system.

First of all, we decided that there will no longer be "leaders" for each arena. Instead, we will be reverting to late 2015/ early 2016 were we had crew members for each arena. Crew members will offer their opinions and information regarding server matters and admin requests, then Majestic and I will be making the final decisions.

Next, we decided to globalize the entire admin system to make sure that there will always be an admin online to help with any situation on any arena. This means that getting a level will be a lot harder since each level is more powerful than before.

Third, we have concluded that 11 levels is simply way too much and there are a lot of levels that are completely useless from a point of "management". The difference between these levels and other levels is simply what has been called "Abuse commands", so we decided to distribute the commands among 5 levels only. (Check this topic for the new admin commands) Level distribution will be as follows:

Level 5 - Owners / Developers
Level 4 - Prisonguards / Abuse Reports Moderators
Level 3 - Crew Members
Level 2 - Server Admins
Level 1 - Server Moderators

Finally, let's talk about how current admins are affected by the new admin system. Due to the increasing inactivity of a lot of the admins and the fact that getting an admin level is now more exclusive, we decided to cleanup the admin list once more.
Admins that had level 1 and 2 have been completely removed. Then, Majestic and I have re-evaluated all the level 3+ admins and have decided to keep a small portion of them based on the new requirements that can be found here. Level requests will also be made through that topic. Here are the current admins with their updated levels:

Level 2(Server Admins) : Cefi, Bans
Level 1(Server Moderators) : backflip, jathushan, Censor, Lukas, Rayo, John

-Removed Herobrine
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