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Topic: Reiko's introduction  (Read 369 times)

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Reiko's introduction
« on: 25. February 2018, 16:14:26 »
Nickname: Reiko

Given name: Nico

Age: 23

What servers did you play before: a lot of different race servers & Mini-Missions

What clans have you been in: I'm currently in a clan called "2paq Racing Team"  [2RT]

What gamestyle do you belong to: RACE. I've visited this server a few times in the past but I didn't like the size of the CPs. Since the problem was fixed, server quality has improve  :clap:.

Some personal information about your life, that you would like to share: I live in Argentina in a moderate-sized city in the middle of mountains (hence why my internet sucks). I'm currently working in a botanic garden. Most of my favorite music is from people who are currently old men, my favorite type of music is rock, I love the way the guitars sound and bass sound  :ar:.

I got my first PC when I was like 12, and since then, my love to PC's has started. I've discovered MTA in late 2008 after finding a random stunt server. After getting bored of it I found a new server type, Mini-Missions, I found the concept interesting and joined the server with most players at that time. After spending some years on the server, in late 2015 I joined the racing community to improve my skills. I've honestly had a very fun and interesting experience on MTA: SA servers.

I generally love creating stuff like maps, videos and much more. MTA is my favorite game, in fact the ability to make a server totally your own is what I love most about MTA.

See you in the game  :br: !
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Re: Reiko's introduction
« Reply #1 on: 25. February 2018, 16:55:36 »
Hey Reiko! :)

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Re: Reiko's introduction
« Reply #2 on: 25. February 2018, 17:43:09 »
Reiko  :oliVkk5: :ax:

Re: Reiko's introduction
« Reply #3 on: 25. February 2018, 17:47:13 »
Welcome Reiko!

It was really awesome to read your personal info you shared with us  :tuptup:
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Re: Reiko's introduction
« Reply #4 on: 25. February 2018, 19:29:36 »
Hey man, i really dig your maps. I played with you and you seemed skilled and nice player.
Hope you will stay and enjoy your time with us!
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Re: Reiko's introduction
« Reply #5 on: 26. February 2018, 16:40:53 »
Thank you all, you guys :ab:!