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Topic: Lucho's introduction  (Read 293 times)

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Lucho's introduction
« on: 09. August 2018, 02:50:22 »
The introduction of lucho122 (Luis Richard Vacacela)

Well, well ... I thought my introduction was a bit outdated, so I decided to renew it a bit, hehe.
Unfortunately I no longer play MTA as I usually did for the 2010-2013 year. Before the League of Legends nation attacked hahaha. But my stay in this server / forum has always been pleasant. Leaving aside if the server offered functionalities and striking gameplay to the general public, the community that had been formed until then and the one that they try to maintain today is friendly, tolerable and not as rude as are the communities of today. with its sometimes absurd rules (I will not give names haha).

Now a bit of my path in MTA.
"En el año 1600.. pam pam pam" Sorry, a little joke of a song in Spanish haha. In the year 2010 around the month of March, my father hired a stable internet service and I, a young extrovert lover of computer games. Look for information about the multiplayer for my favorite pirated game (GTA San Andreas). Tried SA: MP first, but its interface and the predominance of the role-playing mode did not convince me at all. And the other alternative was MTA. I liked the racing mode (That's what I called the Race / DM in those times).

I played on several servers of this type, but in which I felt most comfortable for its simplicity was GTA.ru DD (I do not know if it still exists). On that server I met some mates from Latin America of whom I still have good memories (Rog3r, Mauri, Sebas). And yes, the last one that I mention and the most important was the one that brought me to this community. We shared at that time a small clan in GTA.ru called ARG Conformed mostly by Argentines and an Ecuadorian (Me) haha. The first DDC server that I played was Lilac, and I share some memories. I went to meet several people from the various servers because of my determination to learn English chating with others. ([Tiger King of Rolls on Blue] * lmao *). I never was nor considered myself a prominent player in DM (Although I spent 4 years in the game mode haha) My biggest achievement was having finished a map and get 3 points on a WFF map in which nobody knew that in the final straight the pickup was in the center (except me) :D

An anecdote that will always be present in my heart will be to have kept ARG alive (in essence). Although in the end the clan joined with another (CF) to form what we know today as INT. It can be said that INT was one of the first clans to obtain its logo unofficially in the forum.

 Before you could be in FOTL and lead a separate clan if desired. But the consequences that this entailed made this rule disappear and therefore I left FOTL. (Yes, I skipped that part of the story on purpose haha). But I did not leave without first leaving it in the hands of a friend who accompanied me almost from the beginning of my DDC path. And that person is Walter a.k.a. eViL15. I hope that the transition suffered by INT has not changed its essence at all. (The best of luck Walter!) I never told you haha.

Now to summarize my as I call it chronology of clans:
ARG -> INT -> FOTL -> TW (?) -> Xr (?) -> FOTL -> PoM (?) -> MT (?) -> DDC.
I do not know if I'm forgetting a clan and it's not in the right order either. (Removing the last obviously).
Something that I always care about and liked all the clans mentioned above was the family environment that was lived and currently lives. (I still have contact with most of MT thanks to Discord for giving an example).
My favorite server is and will always be Teal. Apart from the color and the nice Latin people that I met in the (bioshockeR <3) Although obviously he died every time because of the difficulty of the maps: D. Like any normal player who loves a server and gets involved in the forum, I managed to become a level "4a" administrator on three servers (through the proof that I had to approve at that time). The Council itself evaluated me, I felt nervous haha. The three servers I chose were Orange, Lilac and Teal. The latter being the one who dedicates more hours to him and in which he manages to advance up to level "7". And at the time I managed to be part of the Teal team at the time.
I always liked to help in the forum. (Making translations into Spanish of several topics of interest). And also made nice designs for the list of members of some clans haha.
Thanks to this community I learned English, Photoshop, HTML, a little Turkish! And above all I met several wonderful people who, for better or worse, made my evenings / nights fun :P

Now a little information about my personal life now:
I was born on February 10, 1997 in Quito, Ecuador. (For the lazy, that means that I am 21 years old now). I am currently studying at a private university in my country, the career that interests me and I'm following is Systems Engineering. I still live with my family.
My hobbies are: share memes on Facebook, play drums, play League of Legends and work on small projects related to what I study. (And from time to time see some shonen anime).

I tried to summarize everything that I could but it's just too much to tell in one post. If you want to know more about my life in this community or just chat about anything. You can contact me through Discord. (See my signature)

Y eso es todo amigos :)
Contact me on Discord: lucho122#1415

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Re: Lucho's introduction
« Reply #1 on: 09. August 2018, 03:03:56 »
Lucho, will you marry me?

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Re: Lucho's introduction
« Reply #2 on: 09. August 2018, 03:27:09 »
Te dicen lucho el modesto, lptm  :ao:

Back on my days.... I'd remember you, I often saw you on Orange server though if I am correct, that wasn't your main server as it was mine, but in the end we became friends around 2015 (Mind you that I began on this server on 2011-2012) and I have made a few memories with you as so I did with Davipega, Zune, CaimaN, Sanchez etc etc.

We were brats back there, weren't we? as brat as you were,you have been more mature than myself, and that part of you, always stopped me from befriending you, but now I must say that whatever happened back then that made us, friends, I am really glad that it happened.

And speaking of your path through ddc, I MUST say that it's a bit fulfilling, but mine is more fulfilling than yours  :ae:

Pero no dejas de ser un puto  :slonik:

Re: Lucho's introduction
« Reply #3 on: 09. August 2018, 06:44:59 »
hablas turco? jajajaja

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Re: Lucho's introduction
« Reply #4 on: 09. August 2018, 12:12:03 »
lol how much time did it take to write this?
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