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RED Daily - Rules
« on: 25. January 2017, 15:54:25 »

: Anybody can participate just by showing up at the arena at the given time and date. We will play 10 tours. Top 3 are getting an award.

1. Shortcuts and megajumps are forbidden.
2. Insulters will get muted till the end of the event.
3. Top 4 are getting points:        1st place: 3 points
                                                                  2nd place: 2 points
                                                                  3rd place: 1 point
                                                                  4th place: 1 point

4. Top 3 overall are getting the same award as last season.
5. Not abiding the first 2 rules will result in a ban till the end of that event or a disqualification till the rest of the tournament if it continues.
6. Maps will be played random,bugged maps will be passed.
7. Buying fix and other stuffs arent allowed. You will be destroyed if you buy.
8. We will keep playing with the following rule 6 but we wont play maps which are under around 30 secs and players wont be able to tell random to the referee.

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