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Topic: Admin Commands  (Read 5729 times)

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Admin Commands
« on: 04. May 2016, 14:13:06 »
Level 1:

   c, count (does a countdown in chat)
   qm , mute player X (mutes a player for "X" amount of time in seconds from 30 to 300)
   gmute (globally mutes a player)
   lmute (mutes a player in language chat)

Level 2:

   commands of lvl 1
   srl (gets the serial of an online player)
   alias, pma (shows nicknames used by player's current IP address)
   boom (destroys a player)

Level 3:

   commands of lvls 1-2
   lobby (kicks a player to lobby)

Level 4:

   commands of lvls 1-3
   kick (kicks a player from the server)
   mute (mutes a player permanently)

Level 5:

   commands of lvls 1-4
   adminpanel (P) (with being able to unban players there)
   ban (bans the IP of a player)
   unban (unbans the IP of a player)

Level 6:

   commands of lvls 1-5
   gm (enables/disables ghostmode)
   smash (fucks a player up)
   spec-mode (B)

Level 7:

   commands of lvls 1-6
   nextmap, nm (sets the next map)
   goto (starts another map instantly)
   again (sets the current map as the next map)
   redo (restarts the map)
   run (starts countodwn in manual mode)
   random (changes to a random map)
   force (immediately moves to the next set map)
   hidenicks (enables/disables nicknames)
   silence (enables/disables silent mode(all players are muted)
   nos (gives a player nitro)
   push (slightly pushes a player upwards into the air)

Level 8:

   commands of lvls 1-7
   fix (fixes a player)
   repair (same but without a message for everyone to see, pls abuse)
   boomall (booms everyone)
   setlevel (sets adminlevel up to 7)
   deletetime (deletes a top time)
   deletekill (deletes top kills)
   fixall (fixes all players)
   nosall (gives all players nitro)
   speed (speeds a player)
   slow (slows a player)
   access to arena settings in admin panel

Level 9:

   commands of lvls 1-8
   tank (throws a fucking tank, literally.)
   bantt (bans a player from getting toptimes)
   skick (kicks a player on any arena from the server)
   banlist (access list of sbanned players)
   sban (bans the serial of a player)
   unsban (unbans the serial of a player in banlist, copy player's name from
   here (teleports a player to you)
   warp (teleport to a player)
   moot, unmoot (moots a player)
   turk, unturk (turks a player)
   rus, unrus (rus a player)
   serb, unserb (serbs a player)
   skipsong (skips the song currently played on radio)

Level 9+:

   commands of lvls 1-9
   renamemap NewName (renames current map)
   movemap Arena (moves map to another arena - Classic, Cross, Oldschool, Shooter, Hunter, Modern, Race, Freeroam, Linez, Dynamic, Maptest, BattleRoyale)
   deletemap (deletes map from current arena)
   checkmap Arena MapName (checks if current map is already on another arena)


Level 10:

   commands of lvls 1-9+
   lobbyall (kicks all the players on the arena to the lobby)
   refreshmaps (refresh map database, mainly useful for maptest server)
   Some secret adminstrative commands :21:
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