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Topic: Admin Commands (for all old servers)  (Read 3149 times)

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Admin Commands (for all old servers)
« on: 04. May 2016, 14:13:06 »
Level 1:
   boom (destroys a player)
   qm (mutes a player for 30 secs)
   mute (mutes a player)
   gmute (globally mutes a player)

Level 2:
   commands of lvl 1
   kick (kicks a player from the server)
   srl, pms (gets the serial of an online player)
   getsr, pmsr (gets the serial of an offline player)
   alias, pma (shows nicknames used by player's current IP address)

Level 3:
   commands of lvls 1-2
   c (does a countdown in chat)
   gm (enables/disables ghostmode)

Level 4:
   commands of lvls 1-3
   banip (bans the IP of a player)
   banname (bans the playername)
   sban (bans the serial of a player)

Level 5:
   commands of lvls 1-4
   adminpanel (P) (with being able to unban players there)
   spec-mode (B)
   push (brings a player into air slightly)
   unbanname (unbanning a playername can't be done via adminpanel)

Level 6:
   commands of lvls 1-5
   smash (fucks a player up)
   shout (creates a box with text in the middle of a player's screen)

Level 7:
   commands of lvls 1-6
   setlevel (sets adminlevel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
   moves (moves stats from one nick to another)
   nextmap (sets the next map)
   cancel (cancels the next map)
   goto (starts another map instantly)
   redo (restarts the map)

Level 8:
   commands of lvls 1-7
   speedhack (C)
   jump (F)
   tank (x)
   cast (same as push, but also brings the player slightly forward)
   fix (fixes a player)
   repair (same but without a message for everyone to see, pls abuse)
   sky (sets sky colour with hexa-code)
   gs (fucks everyone up)
   here (teleports a player to you)
   tele x y (teleports player x to player y)
   warp (teleports you to a player)

Level 9:
   commands of lvls 1-8
   add (adds an object to a player)
   silence (mutes everyone)
   xi, xw (creates a yellow or red box with text for everyone)
   smoke (adds a smoke machine to a player's car)
   slap (slaps a player's HP)

Level 10:
   commands of lvls 1-9
   access to webadmin
   set, create, delete auto teams in adminpanel
   setpassword (sets a password for the server)
   deletetime 1 (deletes first top)
   setcreator (sets the creator of a map)
   by [FOTL]Tails I AM PUTIN (and Tails finally confesses the truth)
   whois, whowas (weird ass commands)
   boom all (destroys everyone)
   fixall (repairs everyone)
   delaccount, remove (deletes a players account)
   addaccount (adds a new account)
   droplock (removes the timed lock of an account)
   res (respawn)
   ar (adds ramp to a player's car)
   freeze (prevents the player from moving anywhere)

Level A:
   commands of lvls 1-4

Level R:
   commands of lvls 1-7
   xw and xi
   boom all
   access to "maps" tab in admin panel
   set, create, delete auto teams in adminpanel
   setlevel and moves disallowed
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