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Topic: Spare some change?  (Read 2838 times)

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Spare some change?
« on: 15. May 2016, 17:09:05 »
Hello there generous fellows!

Since many people already expressed their desire to help out this community, we decided to open this topic explaining how.
Any donations are much appreciated, so if you really thought about this you're very welcome to send money using this Button:

Please don't expect anything in return. This might sound harsh, but we want people to donate when they actually wanna help out and not because they want something for their money :)

However we think that you deserve to know how much we actually pay for our servers and website:
  • Our main server costs 20€ / month + Old Blue for 9.11€ / 3 months --> 276.44€ in a year
  • Domain + Website for 68.73€ in a year
(click to show/hide)

That means we spend a total of 345.17€ in 12 months for 2 servers and the website.
Please spend your money considering this information.

(click to show/hide)

Please specify your nickname in the donation message so we know who’s a great guy!
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