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~Xr~ History
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~Xr~ (Extreme Racers) clan came to DDC servers in the 30 Of June from 2011, founded by Frizee (Me). Well, I had the idea of make a clan because I was bored (Jaja), I got many opinions against that idea!!. But I didn't care those opinions and I went ahead. My first idea was make a clan only for Latins / South American players, but it didn't worked at all, so I had to make it as an International clan. The first member that ~Xr~ got was Resident, he helped me alot those days, so he reached the Leadership rank. First months he had some problems with me, due relationships with others ~Xr~ members. That was the only problem that he has in ~Xr~ (I think?).
When Resident joined I had to make ~Xr~ as an official clan, the first step was get some members, so I realized that I had to make a topic for call some attention, I made this Topic, we reached around 7 / 12 members after this topic :D, then I made this usergroup, ugly, but it's something :D

Our first Clanwar was against |PW|, and we won! 15 - 5, Resident had a really good day, he won 6 maps, awesome! Thanks |PW| for that amazing clanwar!.
After a short while, we got Sub-forum!!!!! Thanks Tails<3. Hours later we got another co-leader! Matii, he is one of my first friends in this community, sadly he's inactive now :C.
Weeks later Resident found a really nice player,Robby, really skilled guy, sadly he had a childish behaviour, he had many problems with our members...
3 days later we got a really, nice member, Lucho16, one of the best guy that I ever met. Seriously, really friendly. Which later will become co-leader instead of Matii

We have done many usergroups!
> > > - Current one

Ali|Later, well known as Mog106, joined us as Assistant, one of the best members that we got, he helped us alot, and keep doing! At the same day Bigussas, the most loyal member in ~Xr~ at the moment joined us, actually he's the current Assistant. I love you, thanks for all. <3
Arround November PuntoCom, current FOTL Night leader, joined us as Leader, sadly I had to kick him due his behaviur, he had many, many problems those days. Sorry Bro D:. He's my right hand, in everything.
Few weeks later, actually the best Leader, joined us, yes, I'm talking about you, Krzysiu1024, seriously, without you, this clan must be dead. Thanks for everything, I'll never kick you<3.
2012 Year came out, and the fucking best new was ~Xr~ 11 - 9 FOTL
, Krzysiu1024 had a really GOOD day, 10 wins of 11 DDD: a fucking monstaa, and yeah :DDD I won 1 map :DDDDDD xD and then, in March, SPLASH! we won against FOTL Latin / Night, 12 - 8, we had a really good day, playing with 3 guys against 5! Also another good new was Trucker, this guy joined us, he's really loyal too!! Maybe he isn't skilled in maps, but he has something really important, a great attitude. Thanks for everything<3
In may, MonstaRR joined us, I think he'll be better than Bigussas, bro, you've future, you'll be one of the best things in ~Xr~.

In the first week of July 2012 Alejo joined back ~Xr~ to lead the RED Team, sadly this team didn't success.. Also now, he don't play MTA anymore, he was a great member in past, fuck.
Around the third week of July 2012, I took the decision to move the clan to another community, vMafia, this new community bring us really nice members and a good atmosphere around the server, we meet really good friends, also the leaders of this community were awesome with the clan and still being awesome!, there I found a great player, n1njakiwiiF7W!, he got in the clan, after some weeks, I was pretty tired of lead the clan alone, and I decided to close the clan. Yes ~Xr~ was closed for 1 day, oh no, less, 18 hours XD n1nja annoyed me to open the clan, so fuck him, I re-open ~Xr~, I told him to lead the clan with me and guess what, he said YES! He was an awesome leader. Actually he checks the FOTL Forum usually. I hope he will come back to the clan soon.
Well, that movement wasn't happiness only.. We lost 2 great members, Trucker and Krzysiu1024... Two awesome guys.

In the second week of October 2012 we came back to DDC cuz vMafia got closed due payment problems. Sadly.. this was a great community.
RiverPlate helped me to get members and such, I appreciate what he did. These are the members we got: Angelooo, n1nj4F7W, Kareth, DavidV, MarioF, RiverPlate, Trucker, Play_Boy, LightR, FEAR, RakoX.
Kareth got leadership, since we were 2 leaders. He was working on Blue 2.0 so he didn't give much effort to the clan, but was a pleasure to have him in the clan! Tio :D
Around September / November 2012, Nikkito joined us to help the clan, he did a really good job, he quite help me. Later he left MTA for reasons I don't remember, he did a topic somewhere. v_v
After some weeks of November, we got a great score against one of the best clan of this community, we won 13-7 against |KoN|.
In the first week of December 2012 we almost, almost beat FOTL in a clanwar, the score end 11-9 for FOTL, Shokkz won 7 Maps that day o_o. After a short while he left us..
The 2013 Year came, and we got a newbie member, unknown. I'm talking about Jink~, he got accepted (Thanks to Resident) xD Now he's one of the great members we have! Soon he'll be the new leader!
In the end of January 2013, we got a new leader, I'm talking of the known newcomer PendeX, he still leading the clan, he's a great member of the clan!
Also we got another New Leader, It's Eestimees!!! Another fucking good new. Oh, wait wait, we got another good new in this month, It's Negativ! This guy was pretty, pretty bad at DM Maps, after a short while he became better and better, like Jink~, you guys are really Skilled D_D
Actually Eestimees is pretty inactive, but still leading the clan!

Also in this month, celebrating the 2013 Year, I designed a new usergroup for the clan, take a look!:

February came, and in the second week, we got a really skilled player, It's AvengeR! He helped us alot in Clanwars! In this month we played 4 clanwars, and we won in all of them!
March.. the worst month of the 2013 Year v_v.... Naaa jokingg! in this month we won against FOTL again!! The atmosphere of the clanwar was so fucking awesome, seriously! whole team played fucking awesome! The players were Resident, Negativ, Trucker, Frizee, Eestimees, Jink, Avenger. As far I remember we began the cw a bit scared to be honest, but after the first 2 maps the attitude grown up quickly and we draw the map 2-2. After the 10th map the team began to play serious and we draw the match 5-5, at the 18th map, we were winning 10-8. Avenger wasn't playing that well, and luckily for us, he won the last 2 maps of the clanwar and the final score was 12-8 for us! Osom!!!
Another good new of this month is Trucker  and his Shooting Team! Success!!
Finally a Sub-team of the clan that works good!! We failed in the DD & RED Team x_x
In May another great member of this community joined us, Nomercy! Glad to have you in the clan! I hope you'll stay for a long time! :D
June came and I decided to choose a new leader, between Trucker and Jink, Trucker got elected to lead the clan! Congratz Bro I know you'll do a good job!!

Few days after our 2nd birthday a great guy called Sands joined the clan . At the beggining he was quiet but then he showed his creativity , he opened some really useful topics for Xr , he's still working hard to keep the good name of the clan ! But that wasn't the only good new of this month . The biggest fan of WATERMELONS came back to the family ! I'm talking about n1nj4kakikisaogauystyasturaFTW . Wait , wait , we had some more good news this month . Our DD subteam has played the first clanwar and we've drawn against Fr which was a professional DD team . Ah , this month we've also kicked some inactive members , their names were Cherry , Fireball , Thecouse and $ebas . I still miss some of them D:
In August a great friend of our clan decided to join . I'm talking about Lucho122 , this awesome dude helped us alot , back to 2011 he was our referee , he also made a Members List style for us , thanks for everything bro <3
This month our shooter subteam came back from a small inactivity and we've won a clanwar against KRO . The final result was 17:3 for us . Few days later Element which is pretty inactive now opened a website for the clan , it works as a place where we will meet in case if DDC closes . But wait wait wait . At the end of this month we've played an awesome clanwar against KoN . We've raped them 12:8 , that was so awesome day . Whole team was preparing hard but overally Negativ showed his skills . This fuckin monsta won 11 maps for us !
September came and we all decided to close the Shooter Team . We've opened a Lemon one instead ! This month wasn't happiness only . Wanted had to leave the clan due real life problems D:
Luckily , in October he came back , also probably one of the best turkish players of this community has joined us . I'm talking about Mehmet_Ali . I'm proud of this guy , when he joined he was an unknown guy but then he had improved and now almost everyone know this guy . The next great thing was Kobra - our Mr.Putoshopper . Sadly , but this month Negativ had to leave the family due school . On 24.10 we've almost beat FOTL DD , the result was 10:6 , well we did our best but FOTL members had more luck this day .
In November many loyal and trustable players joined the clan . Their names are Bennuko , Impact , Alanciin ,Cefi and Hunter.X . Last of them got kicked due inactivity but as I noticed he's coming back to this game . I hope one day we will be clanmates again <3
December was probably the worst month for our clan D: We've lost 2 leaders - Jink - he decided to leave the clan due his inactivity and PendeX .
Luckily 2014 year came and in January Wanted , Sands and Koojak got the leadership . This month many people were interested in joining our family . I was happy beacause of that , we've accepted many awesome people like Tupac . He's well known over DDC cause of his ,,Yo'' . Our new leaders have also opened a facebook group for our members .
February came and we've got an awesome suprise ! It was MonstaRR ,he joined the clan again , after his inactivity ! It's so fucking awesome to see ex elders coming back ! This month our lemon team played a Clanwar against FOTL . We've lost but our team was able to beat them , sadly all those bounces made this impossible also my MTA crashed at the most important moment of the clanwar D: Still I'm proud of you guys , we all have played well !
March was an awesome month ! Our DD team became very strong , thanks to Cefi and all the players which he invited . Their names are Belbck , Brolfin and Equinox which left us few months ago . But wait wait wait , that wasn't the only good new . I've found an awesome player which brought our DM team back to life , yeah I'm talking about Magic . This guy helped us alot in clanwars , a good example is this Great clanwar against FOTL . Everyone was suprised that we had such a great comeback , This day Magic won 7 maps for our team . Wanna some more good news ? Here you are ! Almost all orange players should know paskua123 . He joined us and he's still in ! Glad to have you in the clan pasku ! Bigu and Cefi also came back , another great guys who did much things in the past .
In April our DM team became much more stronger ! My lovely twin - Truck got accepted in the clan . He really suprised me , his DM and Lemon skills are awesome ! Another good new is TupeX , he saved our ass many times . Thanks for everything guys ! Well , this month was full of good news . I noticed that Jink is becoming active again . I started asslicking him to come back , guess what ? HE AGREED ! I was so happy that he's with us again ! We've also got 2 Amigos El Mexico ! I'm talking about Joakin , an awesome lemon player . Well , when I saw him for the first time I thought ,, One day I will take him to ~Xr~ '' and it finally happened :DD The 2nd amigo is Zune . At the beggining he had normal skills but after a short while he improved really hard ! Now he's a very skilled guy aka nolifer .
At the beggining of May a great ex - FOTL joined the clan to help us with the lemon team . It's Trosky . I'm happy to have someone like him as a clanmate ! Hope you'll be with us for a long time ! Trosky wasn't the only good new , this month Razvan and Randy_Bmx came to the clan . Oh , wait , did I forget about someone ? Ah , that puto Lucho16 came back to the family , he helped the clan at it's beggining . We survived our first months cause of him . Thanks for everything dude <3
June , that month was so good . At the beggining another Romanian guy joined us - Dan76 joined us for a short while . I'm writing about it here cause many of us have nice feelings about him though he wasn't loyal . We all wish you good luck in -XIII- ! Few days later $ebas joined the clan again after his inactivity . Glad to see you again amigo <3 After this such guys as xLink (ex LxG , very skilled and well organized guy) , WinD which was useful for FOTL in clawars and on forum aswell , Cell which came back to the clan . Also say heyo to our newest members : Ruffle , Anq3l and Daken . I'm sure they will do great job in the future !

~ Trucker, leader.


Yep , I just came with the worst Time Xr is having !
Alot has changed and since most of the big names in Xr (like Trucker, Sands, ...) are inactive, Xr is getting more inactive, but Leaders did the possible to rebuild our strength, And we will rise again as we used to be !
The changes aren't much but most can be resumed as this;
Xr Photoshopper 2014, Winners are  : Frizee, Chip and element.(13 / 09 / 2014)
Cell Have Been Promoted To Be Temporary Leader Till Trucker Comes Back.(20 / 09 / 2014)
Razvan took moderatorship instead of element because he's quite inactive.(05 / 10 / 2014)
Kobra's first year in ~Xr~.(24 / 10 / 2014)
Thanks Kobra for your loyalty ! you've even passed gangsta! Sad
Koojak is kinda inactive too due to real life ,i think Embarrassed ,So lemon team died and we are waiting for koojak to do a miracle and come back to kick ass!
DM team is still alive (at least!) but our lazy dm manager is still thinking of a way to handle cw's (Razvan).
That's all for now, peeps! Let's wait for good upcoming news!

~ Cell, co-leader.

Xr closed.

Well , it's not easy for me to make such topic :s This clan is the best thing that I've ever got in this game . I'm here since January 2012 with some breaks . I started here as a newbie , and I was growing step by step , now as a leader (well , as an inactive and useless leader :/) I have to announce that clan is officially closed . I guess that reasons are obvious , we lost almost all of our active members . We're also fighting with inactivity since like one year . Maybe someone of you still remembers the old ~Xr~ which was dominating whole DDC community . We were almost everywhere , on every server . We were trolling and having fun and also training hard to keep our good name . Maybe someone still remembers times when we had such leaders as Avenger , Shokkz , Krzysiu1024 (special thanks to this guy , he invited me to Xr) and in our clan were lots of skilled and loyal players . It's sad that half of them left the clan and half of them became inactive so they aren't able to help us atm . Now it's really hard to find new , loyal and active players . After discussion with our members and leadership we decided that the best way for now will be closing ~Xr~ . I want to thank every member who stayed with us till the end , I really love all of you Xrs . You're a family , even if now you will be in different clans don't forget about your friendship . Now , if you wish you may keep wearing our usergroup and clantag on servers (like I will) or you can just join to another clan and share your game skills and awesome attiude with them . Sorry for all of my english mistakes made in this topic but I'm not able to write correctly atm . Once again , thanks for everyone who was a member of this clan and tried to help us atleast a little bit .
@Xr guys , hope you all will keep in contact , if everything will get better we may reopen the clan again . We'll show everyone who's the king again.

~ Trucker, leader.

Well , I don't have anything else to say . Thanks for your time guys , I'm just disappointed that I couldn't save the cla

2015, Fourth Year.

July 16.

We're back & ready to fight head to head against the stronger clans of this community, like old times.

Special Thanks to Frizee, Sands, Wanted, Nomercy,
Kobra, Tupac, Cefi, Negativ, Rayo, Gerardo, Hunter.X,
Beast, Omar, AirFighter, Cell, Chip, Phantom, Snipy, Trucker.

And to this wonderful community, who brings us everything to keep growing, thanks Drunk Drivers Club.

~ Frizee, founder.


August 10. Relegation Tournament started and we play our first tour against FOTL, we lost 16:4. After the second tour we lost our best player Negativ.
After it we lost some members (Rayo and Gerardo) and we got some new players (Techno, Rival, ST, Lighthing, Rxo, J.Costa, Stealth) but we didn't get a stronger team for RT, then some of those who joined, left the clan due it. We end the tournament at November 15th with bad results, 1 win (20:0 against MoD) and 9 loses,  in last position of the tournament.

December 3.

Tails decided to 'merge' DDC with FFS, moving our community to FFS Gaming. Maybe it will be the definitely close of Xr, we dont know it yet, because we're a bit inactive and not all members will continue in MTA due the merge.
Current members: Frizee, Wanted, Tupac, Kobra, Sands, Hunter.X, Lucho16, Rxo, Dazzle, Stealth, Yarhiel and Polly.

~ Kobra, old member.
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