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News #22: TopTimer
« on: 26. August 2018, 20:00:51 »
Hello community! To make things a bit more interesting around here we thought a new tourney could be fun! So now we are announcing...

• What is it?
You probably already figured out that it's about toptimes. You don't need to register. All players can participate. Your goal is to get toptimes on certain maps. There will be maps from Lemon, Night, Red and Pink. We will choose 10 maps from each of the named arenas per 2 weeks. So there will be 40 maps per 2 weeks, where you have to get toptimes. After 1 month we will name top-5 winners which will get ingame money as reward (we realize there aren't exactly a lot of things to spend that money on right now). After a quarter (4 months) we will name top-5 winners of the quarter who will get forum awards. Also the winner (Top 1), will get a special prize.

Interested? So follow this link to get more infos and start to play!

Regards, DDC Staff!

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Re: News #22: TopTimer
« Reply #1 on: 01. October 2018, 16:27:55 »
Can I play

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Re: News #22: TopTimer
« Reply #2 on: 01. October 2018, 18:53:54 »
Hola disculpen pero ni loco me quedo con este mensaje ami me asusto por eso te lo mando. Hola soy Teresa Fidalgo hoy cumplo:27 años d muerta si no pasas esto a 20 contactos dormire a tu lado para siempre si no crees esto busca en Google Teresa Fidalgo. Manda esto a 20 contactos una niña lo ignoró y su mamá murio a los 20 dias

Re: News #22: TopTimer
« Reply #3 on: 01. October 2018, 19:04:09 »
Can I play

ofc mate, just choose a map and go on, after getting toptimer - post it