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Join Request
« on: 19. September 2018, 23:50:57 »
• Nickname: x,SterO
• Real name: Mohab
• Country: Egypt
• Gender: Male
• How old are you?: 14 Years Old
• How long you've been in MTA: 3 Years
• Introduce yourself : I am a gamer.
 I love playing modern and old games.
 Among the best games I have is the MTA game.
I have found many servers in all areas of games.
I am 14 years old and Egyptian

• Type of maps you usually play: DM OLDSCHOOL SHOOTER HUNTER
• Previous clans: None
• Why you'd like to join INT (at least 20 words):
beacuse INT is a nice and stronger clan since along interval i wanted to join it
and my all pro friend in INT . and i think INT better than any other clan
• What you can add and/or contribute to the team (at least 20 words):
I can make the team great because of the love between me and the players there is no enmity between me and any player, regardless of gender

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Re: Join Request
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