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Topic: [Level 3] HalfScoper, 09.10.2018 (Accepted, 3)  (Read 502 times)

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[Level 3] HalfScoper, 09.10.2018 (Accepted, 3)
« on: 09. October 2018, 19:53:05 »
Nickname: oM!#EXODiA#
Given name: Luc
Date of birth: 25.11.1996
Country: Germany
Requested level: 3
How many hours/week you spend playing DDC Night: Actually I play more on Night than on Lemon in the last time, but ye it depends if I wanna play Lemon or Night more that day, but then around 2-3 hours per day and on weekends more.
Why do you want to get level: Well same with Lemon, the server lacks admins to handle certain situations, the main problem here is the majority of admins being from a totally different time zone than the rest, the community kind of splits there. I anyway want to get this level to handle smaller situations that only require a (g)mute or a boom if someone camps.
Why do you think you deserve this level: I rapidly increased my game time and atm I am overall place 10 out of nowhere and thus I think my activity in the first place is enough. Then again I am one of the older and more known players here; I gotta admit though that most people on Night know me for my flaming because I am too shit to pass the most of them but yeah I like to pretend the mappers are shit instead kek. Anyway I got a lot calmer regarding personal issues and conflicts with other players. I also didnt have any level on Night (or Lilac/Midnight before) up to this point and I would love to prove myself worthy of being an overall good admin that's not only limited to a single arena to take actions. In the end (IT DOESNT EVEN MATTEEEEEERRRRRR) the community and the admins decide of course as always.
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Re: [Level 3] HalfScoper, 09.10.2018
« Reply #1 on: 09. October 2018, 21:46:03 »
Yes. Active/ Old player, good english. Can handle this for sure.