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Topic: DNix Join Request(Denied)  (Read 389 times)

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DNix Join Request(Denied)
« on: 12. May 2019, 11:17:10 »
• Nickname: Deni
• Real name: Denisyaifullah
• Country: indonesia
• Gender: male
• How old are you?: 16
• How long you've been in MTA: 1years
• Introduce yourself : hey everyone, my name is Deni I'm 16, I live in the city of RantauPrapat. I am interested in sport playing football and I like to swim from time to time and I also ride a bike. I am a calm person, I like meeting new people quickly get acquainted with others and I think that in the clan I will find good friends and members of the clan will like me.
• Type of maps you usually play: DM,Training
• Previous clans: CP=Club Pinguin 0C=outta Control
• Why you'd like to join INT (at least 20 words): Because I see International Team has very good and friendly members
• What you can add and/or contribute to the team (at least 20 words): I can help with clan wars also in the future.
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Re: DNix Join Request
« Reply #1 on: 14. May 2019, 21:15:12 »

We are not accepting such poor requests. x2 ( sorry dnix i think you need improve for join this team gl next time in 30 days )