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« on: 25. June 2019, 23:09:40 »

From now on, you'll be able to send us your maps directly to the mailbox below.

Please, read this carefully before sending your maps.
This is the format you need to follow in your mail in order to ensure everything will be treated properly.

To:                      ddc.maptesting@yahoo.com

Subject:             [DM/OS/RED/RACE...]AuthorsName-MapsName - You need to specify your maps type.

Content:            All your maps files in a .zip folder.

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If you have more than one map to be tested, send them one by one - one map per mail.
If you send us a map update/fix, mention it in the mail subject with [FIX] after map's name.
People in charge of maps testing will keep this topic updated with the test results.
Once a map is accepted, the result will be forwarded to an owner who will add it to the server.
If your map is denied, we'll let you know in this topic what is wrong or if a fix is needed somewhere.


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