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Topic: [Level 1] Lowkz, 23/08/2019 [Accepted, 2]  (Read 225 times)

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[Level 1] Lowkz, 23/08/2019 [Accepted, 2]
« on: 22. August 2019, 22:27:27 »
Full in-game name: Lowkz
Given name: Ivan
Date of birth: 23/05/1997
Country: Indonesia
Level requested: 1
Level you had before (if applicable): N/A
How many hours a week you spend playing DDC Lemon: 12 hours in a week
Why you want to get level: Because I would like to help server in order to secure the server, because when I log into the server, there are a few of admins are online, even they are not online. Then I wish that I could help DDC server as level 1 of admin as a starting point for me. Also I would like to ensure the server is secured from cheaters if possible, also player who spams the chat, also who flames another people on the chat if possible, because sometimes this might happen between players.
Why you think you deserve this level: Because I need to start from the lowest admin level to ensure I can climb up better for another responsibility if I am possible to climb up to higher level, eventhough I just start being active, I could ensure I can allocate my time to secure the server.
Your statistics:

Accepted. You seem to be pretty active, though I encourage you to use forum more often to show your sincere involvement  in this community, not only with your gametime. Anyway, I'm gonna give you level 2 since I consider level 1 is pretty useless, at least you'll be able to boom campers. Use it well! And congrats.

PS: check THIS link for admin commands, since it's probably your first level ever.
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Re: [Level 1] Lowkz, 23/08/2019
« Reply #1 on: 23. August 2019, 16:31:21 »
Yes, I often see him playing in Oldschool. He's mature and kind
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