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Topic: Rezzy's Join Request (Denied)  (Read 581 times)

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Rezzy's Join Request (Denied)
« on: 01. December 2019, 13:54:34 »
• Nickname: My nick in-game is !Rezzyx
• Real name: My name is Abd elhamid
• Country: Im from Algeria(Ain Mlila)
• Gender: Male
• How old are you?: Im 18 years old
• How long you've been in MTA: I started playing game in 2016-12
• Introduce yourself : My name is Abd elhamid Im 18 years old, Im from Algeria exactly in city called Ain mlila, My nick in MTA is Rezzy it was Russi but i changed him to Rezzy after many problems with people, Sadly i stopped studying before 2 years and now im working on my store. Anyway i started playing this game since 3 years in freeroam servers i wasted my time there, After one year i changed to 3R server with some friends. Now im playing on DDC server
• Type of maps you usually play: DM/OS Wff
• Previous clans:
3D// - Three Days (FDD co leader) Left/Closed
TFC' - Troppers First Class (Member) Left/Closed
|X2| - Xtreme Deathmatch lvl2 (Member) Left
iW// - Iron Will (Trial) Left
iX| - Ilysium X (DM Leader) Closed
[GeP] - Grand Elite Players (DM leader)
• Why you'd like to join INT (at least 20 words): Well, I was looking for a suitable clan until I found a good clan called International team i would like to join and stay on it because i dont like clan hopping, I can help you with everything i know  I wish you accept me to your clan.
• What you can add and/or contribute to the team (at least 20 words): This is my Discord: Rezzy32#6356 and thanks for reading my join request.  :ab:
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Re: Rezzy's Join Request
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Re: Rezzy's Join Request
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