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Topic: [MAPS] New Maps! 12/02/2019 - 12/04/2019  (Read 423 times)

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[MAPS] New Maps! 12/02/2019 - 12/04/2019
« on: 04. December 2019, 17:45:01 »
Total maps tested : 96 (79 maps accepted 17 maps not accepted)

Maptesters: Monster, Zuni
Helpers: OnlyTime,fox.master,backward,empty

[DM]Console_-V-5-_YumminesS-_- Not Accepted (pick-up bug)
[DM] Dimka73 ft deathcube - Chill Out II Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Gasoil v3 - Damage Dealer Accepted (Modern)
[DM]Chucky ft. CoCoChanel - Race Knowladge Accepted (Modern)
[DD] MIA Accepted (Cross)
[DM]Frankaa - Gimme Love Not Accepted (Missing script)
[DM] --SoundWave Vol.10--Tokyo Drift-- Not Accepted (Missing objects)
[DM]DK vol.1 New Begining Accepted (Modern)
[DM]Canallon Vol.1-.A New Beginning._ Not Accepted (Missing Script)
[DM] HTC v.7 - Into the Past Accepted (Modern)
[DM] FrooN ft. KnOwN - Nightcore Accepted (Modern)
RomaNiaN ProJecT Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM]FataL - v4 - Ponderability Not Accepted (Some Bugs)
[DM] Flash ft. sYKu ft. FataL ft. Exade - Dreamer Skyland II Accepted (Modern)
[DM]ConTroL ft. FataL ft. Touch - Dark Energy II Not Accepted (Low Fps and Some Bugs)
[DM] FataL ft. ConTroL ft. ArtistA ft. Semih - Dark Energy III Accepted (Modern)
Cross Monde Accepted (Cross)
Cross T 2 Accepted (Cross)
Cross Z 2 Accepted (Cross)
Amo Bishop Roden Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] FakeDeath V13 - Unleashed II Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Drake ft Fakedeath - Runaway Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Le'CC Vol.4 - Multiverse Not Accepted (Missing Parts)
 LabiVila ft. RaZoR - Eternal Sunshine Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM]Al_w[7]eeD v5 - Need For Speed II Accepted (Modern)
ArMAnI - Innocence Accepted (Oldschool)
BreAkeR - Play And Win Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] Maxspeed Vol.5 - Spiring Break Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Maxspeed Vol. 6 - Following The Green Accepted (Modern)
[DM] KinG12PrO Ft Andro - Silent Skills[fix] Accepted (Modern)
[DM] aNdRo v3 - Xtreme Park Not Accepted (Missing Nitro)
[DM] aNdRo v4 - Remedy Not Accepted (Missing Fix)
[DM]aNdRo Vol5 - In The Dark Accepted (Modern)
[DM]KnOwN V16 - In The Moon III Accepted (Modern)
Kane ft KnowN - On My Holidays Accepted (Oldschool)
Kane ft KnowN - Memories Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM]Kane Vol11 - I Can't Stop II Not Accepted (Some Bugs)
[DM] Bans vol.1 Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Gasoil v4 - Last Words of the Prophet-_- Not Accepted (Low Fps)
[DM] Gasoil v1 - Terror Dome Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Gasoil v5 - Malicious Oxygen Not Accepted (Low Fps)
[DM] KnockZ Vol.1 - Natural Drive Accepted (Modern)
Orgi III DD Accepted (Cross)
[DM] Deadline ft. Lx - Tropica Accepted (Modern)
DM] eXecuteR vol2 for the love of Abodyrulez Not Accepted (Some Bugs)
[DM]CooN ft LycaN - Temple Accepted (Modern)
[DM] CooN | Vol3 | - Swan Song Accepted (Modern)
The Tempest Accepted (Classic)
Daan v8 Traveling Home Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] CrystalCastles ft. UppeR - Cheetah Trip Accepted (Modern)
[DM] LabiVila v2 - Sand Trip Accepted (Modern)
Berak ft. Doxan - Sugar Rush Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] UnDeR ft. beatZ ft. Gerc ft. AlcatrazZ ft. GunZ ft. BenjaZ - Underground Riders Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Cookie ft. Viskuz ft. Flash - Reactions 2 Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Esp4wN - Late Bloomer Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Esp4wN v.5 - DevotioN Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Shine - Ephemeral Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Driver ft. TonyxO - Summer Day II Accepted (Modern)
[DM] #KinG12PrO Ft. Xenioo - Amnesia Not Accepted (Hunter Missing)
[DM]ConTroL v2 Crystal Skies Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Johny ft ZeeT ft Alive till WE Die. III Accepted (Modern)
[DM] eXcY vol.3 - The Magic Of Nature Accepted (Modern)
[DM] ArtistA v.5 - L'Ingresso dell'infernus Accepted (Modern)
[DM] i[R]anLee* v10 - STOP TIME ! Accepted (Modern)
[DM] ^Illu - Vol.3 - Heroes Accepted (Modern)
Maehra+ Mini Hard Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] Esp4wN ft Roslight ft #AnDreS^ - Cool Runnings II Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Lx v2 - Tropical Pain Accepted (Modern)
ExplO's Legacy Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] Lx v3 - Tropical Pain II Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Lx ft. GermO ft. SymoN ft. DS - Heatwave Not Accepted (Missing Fix)
[DM]FS.999.FS-_-VOL-_-10 - RACERS LAND Accepted (Modern)
[DM] CoolBoy v2 - Good Vibes Accepted (Modern)
Dragon Ball II Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] Freeze ft. DARKNESS ft. Xeno  - Broken Cliffs Accepted (Modern)
[DM] LuiSire ft. ~CracK & Fr4Nc0 - Mortal Style II Accepted (Modern)
[DM]Brian v2 Forgotten Dreams Not Accepted (Missing Script)
[DM] N4RuT0 - Dangerous Mind Unskilled Not Accepted (Missing Script)
[DM]CresPro~ - v3 - Sands Of The Desert Accepted (Modern)
[DM]Hapti!C! - v1 - Neverland Accepted (Modern)
Maracaibo Accepted (Cross)
[DM] i[R]anLee* v9 - Jurassic LAND ![FIX] Accepted (Modern)
[DM] i[R]anLee* v11 - ❄ ♖ SKYRIM ♖ ❄ ! Accepted (Modern)
[DM] DioGo//* - Vol7 - Systematic Accepted (Modern)
WTF! Accepted (Classic)
[DM] A.KickEr v3 The Other Side Of Paradise Accepted (Modern)
Maracaibo ZM Accepted (Cross)
[DM] DeepImpact Ft. BriaN - Beast Accepted (Modern)
Unique Creation Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] JasieK ft. PolakMaly ft. Braian - Cavemen II Accepted (Modern)
Mini Hard v3 Accepted (Oldschool)
GIPSY Accepted (Oldschool)
[DM] LabiVila v3 - Almost Invaded Accepted (Modern)
[DM]Clonee v1 - Wake Up Accepted (Modern)
[DM] Lowy ft. RaCeR ft. #Shade - Dark Industry Accepted (Modern)
Traveling Home II Accepted (Oldschool)
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[HDM]Monster - ??? - 70%
[OS]Monster ft. DoA - ??? - 50%
[OS]Monster - Show Your Skills II - 5%