Topic: [FOTL]Reflex's Join Request  (Read 1222 times)

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Re: [FOTL]Reflex's Join Request
« Reply #15 on: 13. January 2020, 15:21:41 »
Considering that  people we trust warned us of you Reflex, you shouldn't wonder that we haven't that good feling about you now.
Those things you've done in INT did just happen and you cannot tell me that you've changed since that,also those INT guys are our friends for a long time, so we have to trust them, sorry.
As I told you on server already, I don't really know you but your first impressions on me were kind and polite.But I can give you some advice, PMming leaders on forum and server while JR is running , trying to persuade them does not give them the best thoughts of you.
But still I can recomment you to go on playing on DDC and show yourself from the best side next weeks and try again to join us, if you want so.
Wish you the best for that.