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Topic: A statement to the current situation of this clan.  (Read 541 times)

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A statement to the current situation of this clan.
« on: 16. January 2020, 17:02:21 »
I want to start this post saying that the following words were not as easy to write down as you might think, but regarding our current situation and this server's in general, they had to be spoken out sooner or later, and in my opinion it's not a matter that is worth waiting for any longer:

As previously mentioned not only our situation has changed, but DDC's in general and with FOTL being reopened and on the rise again, it defeats the main purpose of the Oldschool Mafia, which was a "replacement" for it since me and Skema haven't been allowed to reopen FOTL in the past, thus aiming to gather many members of the old FOTL times, whether they were in the clan itself or just playing here.

But now, also due to Skema himself leaving our family to join back to FOTL's roster, and with many of our members being inactive themselves, I think the only mature thing to do is to close oM down for good.

And I surely don't want to blame the inactive players alone - I myself haven't been a good leader and don't see myself as such anymore, I wasn't even able to achieve our clan getting their own real sub forum and not just a childboard.
Apart from that we haven't fought any clan war until now, thus also breaking my promise to have plenty of them.
And due to that our popularity rapidly sank, we don't recruit any more new members since some months.

I reached out to FOTL's leaders (well, Neon only to be precise), since oM intended to be FOTL's "replacement", asking mainly in favor for my members to not get left behind, if it would be possible to migrate our members or at least the pro and active part into FOTL, but sadly it wasn't possible to and they had to deny my request.

So I guess all that's left to say now, is a ultra big thank you to all my clan members that have been there since the beginning and that have joined our family later on - I still can't believe this clan lasted over a whole year before eventually dieing!
And again, I hope you are not too mad at me, these words haven't been easy to say as mentioned at the beginning, and I have thought about this for a longer time now, even before FOTL being back, they are just the final reason to close oM.

Last but not least, this isn't another try to cause drama, I just feel I have to say this every time I post something.

@Wɐɾǝsʇᴉɔ a.k.a Ѵersace or @Ludi feel free to close oM's childboard, strap me off any remaining rights and remove any clan pack related things.

If anyone wants to continue my legacy or reopen this clan, reach out to me and I will get in touch with the heads.
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Re: A statement to the current situation of this clan.
« Reply #1 on: 16. January 2020, 17:17:57 »

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Re: A statement to the current situation of this clan.
« Reply #3 on: 16. January 2020, 17:58:40 »
Sad oM goodbye

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Re: A statement to the current situation of this clan.
« Reply #4 on: 21. January 2020, 14:42:01 »
Gonna miss this, thank you Half. For the good times we had