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Topic: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas  (Read 802 times)

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[OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« on: 12. February 2020, 19:09:12 »
Hello fellas!

Introducing whole new concept of Interviews, of which I'm gonna call OutDDC as short for Outside Drunk Drivers Club, in MTA. Specifically picked players who have been known on DDC and moved onto other communities.

Basic Information
Nick: -ffs-Adidas
Name: Juan Ignacio Muzzupappa
Age: 19
Nationality: Argentinian

1. How did you first discover DDC community? Where have you been playing before DDC? Something about your MTA carrer?

Adidas: I used to play in DDC servers in late 2011 after a friend of mine showed them to me, I was a random and I have no idea which name I used. Stopped playing after a while and went to Latin servers such as RM, UpG and etc.
One day I was chilling in some latin server I don't recall and there was this guy named Sapee who'd occasionally join and exchange a few words with me, he ended up inviting me to DDC servers (late 2014) and that's where I started my WFF career. Curious fact:  After some weeks talking with Sapee we realized we actually knew each other in real life as e used to play in the same football club 2-3 years prior to that.
I'd say my biggest "achievements" (summarized, since there are tons of details about them) were winning L7 Season 2, 3 and L7 OS Season 3 with xN.

NoHear: That is quite a list of achievements.

2. What was the main reason that you have stopped playing on DDC regularly?

Adidas: After its merging with ffs in 2015 I just kept going, TPI was inactive so I decided to leave them and joined xN where I started focusing on competitive stuff a lot more, so when DDC finally came back I didn't really have time to play since I was too busy being leader, manager and main cw player although I'd occasionally crash on DDC serves from time to time.

3. So you're more of a competitive player, do you find it hard to enjoy fun abusive times from time to time?

Adidas: Nah, I've always enjoyed doing random stuff with friends on any server, and doing that is also useful for my competitive self as I believe that having a strong bond with your teammates makes your squad work a lot better, one of the reasons I really liked DDC was being able to lay back and have a laugh with anyone - I still enjoy that, but since ffs is a big community I only do it in my "circles" such as teammates from ffs, old friends from xN and others.

NoHear: You're welcome on DDC, lately we abuse a lot for fun ;) looking at taurus.

4. What, in your opinion, is the biggest difference between DDC and your clan's community?

Adidas: The amount of people there is on ffs is a big factor, there are a ton of immature people who you can't really do anything about, DDC also had(has??) many immature players but you don't notice them as much since its lower playerbase. I've honestly always enjoyed both communities, differences are cool and make people be able to choose which is something very healthy for a small-ish game like this.

5. If you were in charge of improving DDC, what would you do?

Adidas: Not sure if I'd change anything in particular, I do believe it's time to let the nostalgia aside f we want DDC to actually improve. I'd like to see some cws with DDC clans again so maybe doing smth to encourage them would be nice. But I generally like the direction DDC seems to be taking and I hope y'all do really good. Being ffs admin means that I can't really be a full-time DDC player, but I'll still be around.

6. Besides clans you've been in, which have been your favourite?

Adidas: I haven't really paid that much attention to other clans tbh.  But I like how DDC itself was able to maintain its "requirements" and the general attitude from its member, being a very mature, close clan. I really like clans that have well established priorities.
From the competitive scene, I'd say XpR is doing some great stuff right now so kuddos to them for their sick job and their well deserved payoff.

7. Something about MTA in general, do you feel like DM mode is stagnating?

Adidas: I used to have that feeling not so long ago, but there's plenty of stuff going on right now, 2020 has had some dope map releases filled with creativity, competitive scene is very alive right now with tons of teams being part of it. Some good players have retired, but that doesn't mean we won't see anyone else become great anymore, the average level has improved a lot in so little and it makes it interesting for people like me who enjoy competition. Communities themselves  seem to be doing ok as well, not really that much going on but it's not necessarily a bad thing and we might see some stuff in the near future.

8. What map styles are your preferred choice? Relaxed, stupid smash-your-keyboard, or ones where you laugh a lot after failing?

Adidas: Depends, there are a lot of relaxed, hold w maps I enjoy mastering to play in cws, but we can argue that I only enjoy them because I try to play them well and the maps themselves don't have that much to offer. My real favorites have always been the ones I call "tricky" which are those maps that are kinda hard but don't depend on bugs like HDM maps so it mostly depends on your skill, SheNN- Give up, SilverF0X - Ember are good examples of this and I really enjoy them.

9. Who are your best friends in DDC?

Adidas: I don't think I'm currently in touch with anyone from DDC. Tomy, Positiv, Negativ and Facu really used to make me laugh all the time back then but hey, the one I like the most that's still around is R3L4X I believe, although we haven't talked much since I left xN, he really made me laugh a lot and I really enjoyed being teammates with him. I've started seeing some familiar faces recently and it made me feel sort of happy and nostalgic at the same time. I hope I can get along with some of you in the future.

NoHear: You're welcome anytime mate.

10. Do you have any specific memory of DDC that you cannot forget?

Adidas: Winning RT with TPI felt really special to me and I have mixed feelings about it (although I'm never sure if I should count this trophy or not, since I only played the final with TPI and even if I performed good, TPI won it themselves. I played with FBI most of the tourney and I think we ended up 4th or smth, still a very good position for us at that time being underdogs and upsetting MAD once) but yeah it's kinda bittersweet because it made me feel really good and with hope for the future, TPI had a really nice team and suddendly weeks after winning RT, DDC merged with FFS and basically whole TPI went inactive, it's the first and only time in my "career" that I've felt like that. We could have achieved a lot more, but that was one of the things that defined me as a player and I'm really happy to say I was once part of TPI.

NoHear: TPI was one of the greatest back in days, innit? I miss that clan aswell as some of their leaders, like Mr.Azzoz.

Adidas: Yeah, they were pretty chill and down to earth too. ForlaN was top tier and he could still be amongst the best if he hadn't retired.

11. We're done with MTA questions. What are your hobbies?

Adidas: Playing games, although not as much nor as many as before. I've been hanging out with friends in my free time a lot lately, going out at nights and etc. I just don't do much else to distract myself, but I feel good and I am relaxed most of the time.

NoHear: Adidas the Relaxed


12. What are you studying or working?

Adidas: I started working a 8 to 17 job at a factory two weeks ago, it ain't the best job ever and certainly not what I want for the rest of my life but I kinda missed having a routine and wanted some money for myself and it'll keep me busy until I start college somewhen in the future.

13. What are your future plans, given that you want to start college?

Adidas: It'll be something like Systems, not sure if it's the correct name in English but hehh. I'm not 100% sure about it.

NoHear: That sounds interesting. Maybe go for a postman like me

14. What would be your dream job?

Adidas: I don't really know, I just want to have a stable job with good pay that won't kill my back, I don't have any dream job since all I like doing is sleep.

15. What countries would you like to visit and why?

Adidas: Spain, Italy and some other European countries because they're gorgeous and I love their culture, hope I can visit them in my lifetime ( :

NoHear: Consider coming to Slovenia, we have one of most beautiful landscapes

16. What is your favourite movie?

Adidas: I'm  not particularly interested in movies to be honest, haven't been to cinema in a while and I don't really watch anything.

NoHear: Thats interesting, I guess it applies to TV series too?

Adidas: Yeah, not really into TV at all either - I think the only show I really liked lately was The Office but yeah that's it.

NoHear: Missing out on great shows mate

Adidas: Yeah everyone tells me the same, but although I like some stuff I never develop the habit of watching consistently so I just end up forgetting about it.

17. What music genre is your favourite?

Adidas: I've been listening to a lot of different stuff, basically switching genres over the past few years - DNB, Rap, Grunge and many more, I just like good music man I don't care about the genre.

NoHear: How about artist?

Adidas: Varien, Eden, Savant are in my top

18. What would you do if you found that tomorrow would be your last day alive?

Adidas: I would just play a bit of MTA then hang out with my friends till it's time to go, I wouldn't give a fuck about other stuff to be honest.

NoHear: Sounds like priorities well set.

19. If you could send message to self 5 years ago, what would it be?

Adidas: Don't give up playing football idiot you are very good.

20. Speaking of football, what clubs do you support?

Adidas: River Plate obviously

21. We're done! Do you have any questions for me?

Adidas: Why are you still here?

NoHear: Most of friends are still there and there's just something about DDC, that is simply unique just to DDC. I haven't ever been really comfortable in any other communities. DDC also has big group of autists.

Stay tuned for next interview!

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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #3 on: 12. February 2020, 20:28:26 »
Adidas: River Plate obviously
Pff, pecho frio
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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #4 on: 13. February 2020, 01:03:50 »
Much love

Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #5 on: 13. February 2020, 12:09:20 »
Nice idea to interview players from other communities too, I really like it  :rolleyes:

It's funny to see how many ffs players were ddc players once.

differences are cool and make people be able to choose which is something very healthy for a small-ish game like this.
100% true
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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #6 on: 13. February 2020, 15:12:15 »
I really like this format. It's great to see how many people actually started on DDC, including myself. DDC was one of the first servers I used to play on too. Here I grew as a player and experienced a great time. I remember having the dream of being part of FOTL. Back then I applied and got declined because of having a small number of forum posts. Under the overall leadership of Tails, showing off much activity on the forum was very important. Whatsoever, today I am back here and trying to make this place a more attractive one again.
How? You will probably know one day.  :bq:

"DDC also has big group of autists" dunno what you mean  :bb: :bm:

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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #7 on: 14. February 2020, 06:14:43 »
Adidas: Varien, Eden, Savant are in my top
:bi: :ay:

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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #8 on: 25. February 2020, 10:01:14 »
What you are doing has to be appreciated but please don't make any interview on ffs members anymore.
They only want to destroy other communities or the ones that are trying to get back on the road.
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Re: [OutDDC] 1. Interview with Adidas
« Reply #9 on: 28. February 2020, 19:19:28 »
What you are doing has to be appreciated but please don't make any interview on ffs members anymore.
They only want to destroy other communities or the ones that are trying to get back on the road.

excuse me what the f? I have been a DDC player from 2009 till 2016, and he did also play a lot... hell, there are many ffs players who were FOTL in the days. why would we want to "destroy" one of the communities which we miss the most?