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Topic: [Level 2] Lukas, 28/07/2020 [Accepted]  (Read 210 times)

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[Level 2] Lukas, 28/07/2020 [Accepted]
« on: 28. July 2020, 16:06:48 »
Given Name: Lukas
Nickname: .:DoA:.L'ukas#
Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania
Date of birth: 31/03/1997
Level requested: 2
Level you had before (if applicable): I was granted with level 4 on Lemon before the admin system rework, now I'm level 1.
Why should we pick you as an admin: I've been an admin for half a year here, which, in my opinion, isn't a long period of time at all. My activity in the server is decent - around 40 hours played collectively in all arenas in the past month. Speaking of admin experience, I've administrated in Team-NeO server back in 2011-2013 - ironically it had the similar admin system as ddc before the admin system rework. I was also an admin on Vultaic in 2018-2019 - up until the server closed. I understand that I've started playing in this community not so long ago, but I hope that's not an obstacle to seek for a higher level.
What do you want to achieve as an admin: It's a bit ironic, because I've told ygtz numerous times to strip me off the admin rights before the rework, as I was playing less and less on lemon as the time went by. Since the admin system has become more versatile - admins are global on all arenas, I can contribute a bit more to the server. To be honest I'm fine with having a level 1, as the rights are pretty much the same when it comes to dealing with rule-breakers, except the ban command. There are barely any rule-breakers, and during the period I was granted with a level I did not encounter anyone I would personally ban. The main reason I'm applying is because I'd like to help with organizing events, such as dailies, and perhaps bring a little bit more activity into the server as a whole. The majority of commands given for level 2 are exactly suitable for that. I'm mainly playing on Lemon, Night and recently picked up Pink, so I could help to organize events in these arenas.
How much time (approximately) do you spend on DDC: Around 10 hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, depends how busy I am.
Discord Username: L'ukas#0924
Stats on main arena:
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Re: [Level 2] Lukas, 28/07/2020
« Reply #1 on: 28. July 2020, 17:21:35 »
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Re: [Level 2] Lukas, 28/07/2020
« Reply #2 on: 01. August 2020, 01:07:01 »
Thanks for your interest in being an Admin on DDC, Lukas. The Crew believes in you, and so do we, therefore your application is accepted. About the dailies you mentioned, we might have something in the near future, and we'd be glad if you're a part of it, so we will contact you about it soon.

PS: Try to increase your activity a tiny bit, the level 2 admins are pretty limited, so we'd like the ones that have it, to be there when its needed.