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[FOTL] News #5: Clan wars, Role Changes & more!
« on: 31. July 2020, 15:37:42 »

News #5: - Let's jump right in!

Clan War vs. M
On the 25th we faced a team called “Mythicals Crew”. We were leading by 8-2 in the first half. After their comeback, we ended up with an 11-9. After some time, we lost focus and took things way too easy. Nevertheless, the clan war was pretty enjoyable for both teams. There was no swearing, nor anything else resulting in a bad atmosphere. Thanks to them for the great match and we hope to face you again someday!

Role Changes
Corresponding to the clan war, we decided to optimize roles to provide more clan wars. From now on, we will have two DM-CW Managers: Timbo and Dice, as well as another two WFF-CW Managers: DeRoX and Dmitrius. The reason for this is the knowledge the mentioned people have regarding the various types of gameplay. We are sure they will do a great job.

This is probably the part we are proud of the most. We finally managed to have a great MTA-, as well as Web-Developer on our side. His name is MQ (MisterQuestions). Some of you may remember him from TG. He was leading them back in the days. A warm welcome to you MQ, let us strive for the very best. I am sure together we can bring FOTL even further. For the future, we hope for more helping hands to join us on our road to success.

New fellas
Last but not least, we are aware of applicants waiting for quite a long time already. Lets release them from the long waiting period.

Congratulations to:
Chaos – It would be a shame to decline someone so dedicated. Every time members have had a talk with you, you gave them the feeling of will and interest. We do appreciate that.
Mokka – Besides you being skilled, we think your character just perfectly fits our clan’s atmosphere. A warm welcome to you mokki (small) carrotti!
EmperioR – You have an assertive character. Someone like you is a jewel for clan wars. We hope to see you performing and the beast awake inside!

For those who did not make it this time, keep your head up. We appreciate your interest in being part of us. Feel free to try once more! Those, who were trial will from now on be (without exception) fully part of our family. Congratulations to you as well.

That’s it for today’s news! Stay well!  :az:

-     The FOTL Leadership

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Re: [FOTL] News #5: Clan wars, Role Changes & more!
« Reply #1 on: 31. July 2020, 15:39:47 »
I appreciate the opportunity. Let's make the best out of it fellas. Congratulations to the other two aswell, well deserved.

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Re: [FOTL] News #5: Clan wars, Role Changes & more!
« Reply #2 on: 31. July 2020, 15:51:08 »
OwO, thanks for the chance. I will do my best for this community bros!

Timboeing360  :tup:
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Re: [FOTL] News #5: Clan wars, Role Changes & more!
« Reply #3 on: 31. July 2020, 16:16:00 »
Congratulations to the ones who got accepted!
Welcome to [FOTL], I'm pretty sure that you guys will be an enrichment for us  :ah:

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