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VizzioN's JR
« on: 06. February 2021, 20:49:03 »
• Nickname:VizzioN
• Real name:Ivo Dimov
• Country:Bulgaria
• Gender:Male
• How old are you?:i am 16 years old
• Contact (Skype, Discord etc.):VizzioN#4070
• How long you've been in MTA:i've been playing MTA maybe from 4 and half years.I stopped for like 1 year and then came back cuz i was missing MTA i played some CS:GO and LoL but i wanted to play some oldschool San Andreas with old friends to have fun again beating maps and learning new try again old and stuff like this is just nostalgic.
• Introduce yourself :Hi my name is Ivo iam from Burgas,Bulgaria i steady architecture i am in 10th grade.I like playing volleyball and go out with my friends
• Type of maps you usually play:primery OS but i can play DM
• Previous clans:INT,ISP,GoD,TF
 Why you'd like to join INT (at least 20 words):I want to be part of INT again cuz i was inactive i didnt have much time to play MTA and i was mainly plaing league of legends so i want to be part of this family again.I have many friends here so i want to be in the same team as them and ofcourse i want to be part of skilled and well known clan and INT is the right clan to join
• What you can add and/or contribute to the team (at least 20 words):I am OS player i can participate in OS  clan wars and win as many as i can and i want tohelp the team to go more further in this way in the OS clan clan wars.

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Re: VizzioN's JR
« Reply #1 on: 07. February 2021, 11:51:07 »

Join Requests are closed at the moment.

You may re-apply in 60 days!